Taking fully using of the principle of aerodynamics, micro fan & blower can exert excellent performance in a tiny space, realize the dynamic switching and have very low temperature rising and noise by providing continuous high flow velocity and pressure at the same time. Micro fan & blower now has been played an irreplaceable role and widely used for the medical equipment, aerospace, electronic measuring instruments…etc 
For the application of the micro fan, the motor design must find the best balance point of high efficiency, high output power, low temperature rising and low vibration. Benefit from cylindrical winding design and special structure of Vishan, the cogging torque of our motor is almost zero, the motor has rapid response ability and also has favorable effect on the control of the high & low frequency noise. 
Functional features: 
  • High motor power density and good power-to-weight ratio
  • Low noise and lower temperature of operation
  • Exceptional speed up to 40,000 rpm for greater precision and improved outcomes
  • Deliver big torque even under low speed
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